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An Expat Living the Dream in Dallas Office

Joao Carlos Campos | Manager, Lodging Operations in Dallas, TX

Joao Carlos Campos smilingAfter a year and a half working for Expedia out of Sao Paulo office, I had the pleasure of being relocated to the US to work with the Dallas team. Other than getting used to a dishwasher and picking up a new favorite brand of soap and olive oil, I knew I would have way more new things ahead of me. Like a great friend told me once: it’s the pleasure of doing things for the first time. But I would never imagine what a type of experience that it would become.

One of Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles is to Be Open and Honest. Writing about being open and honest is not an easy task. My intent here would be to share how this principle helped me grow professionally and as a person.

As an expatriate, I needed to get used to new rules, new regulations, new ways of behavior, and new ways of communication. Learning was something that became part of my daily routine. In the office, I felt I was living in a side universe: new metrics, new concepts, new team, new colleagues. And again, I needed to learn. I realized that the best way to learn would be asking questions. Even when I did not want to sound stupid or naïve. I just needed to ask.

A few times I did not ask. A few times I wanted to show no vulnerability. And it was so wrong. I made mistakes with my team. I made mistakes with my boss. But what I did best was to accept, work on a fix, learn, and move on.

Being open and honest showed me that it’s okay not to know how a metric is calculated. It showed me that it’s okay not to know how a heater or A/C works. Being honest taught me that building trust it is hard but it cannot be done under a Superman cape. Being vulnerable just makes of you a better person and pushes you to live a real life, both in and out of work.

If you get that “I-have-no-idea-of-what-you-are-talking-about” look in your face while talking to your more experienced peers, let me tell you that it’s OKAY! Just ask what you need to. Do not pretend you know it all. With time, you see that this genuine behavior helps to build relationships.

At this point, I’m really thankful to the generous boss (and “grand-boss”) I have. I’m so thankful to the understanding team of associates I have. And also, very thankful to the great colleagues and friends I made since I started my new life.

My biggest and most legit advice: Be open. Be honest. Be transparent. It’s so worthy!!!