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Career Check-In with Pim de Schepper

Pim de Schepper | Director, Market Management in Berlin

We loved discovering Pim’s wonderful energy and optimistic view of the world, and of work. Read our refreshing conversation with Pim as he shared his determined focus to find ways to optimize, and help Expedia Group thrive. Having lived in many different countries, Pim is certainly doing his bit to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides!

Recent 5000 KM roadtrip - Cassis France.jpg

Tell us a little about your role and your team.

I started my journey at Expedia Group 5 Years ago in Dubai as Area Manager Market Management. And after 2.5 years I had the opportunity to make a move to Berlin to take on a role as Director Market Management – Focusing on rapidly expanding our supply of lodging partners. On a day to day basis, I have the pleasure to be leading commercially talented teams serving the supply side of our EG platform. We are doing this by building and-or maintaining top-notch relations with lodging suppliers. Every day we are on the lookout for opportunities for our lodging partners to be more successful on our platform, which will lead ultimately to more happy customers!

Business Travel.jpg
Business Trip

What is your favorite part of your job?

No day is really the same. Working each day for ways to optimize our lodging partnerships – whether this is internally with the teams or externally with stakeholders in the industry. Always searching for new ways to be that 1% better every day.

What makes your team unique?

As a big player in the travel tech space, we need to tweak and improve every day, in order to serve our purpose of strengthening connections, broadening horizons and bridging divides. Although there are current challenges facing our industry, I am extremely proud of how my team is navigating through this.

What has been your proudest moment so far at Expedia Group?

The collaborative culture at EG is just amazing to be part of. And these moments I have had various times. From organizing one of EMEA’s largest lodging partner events in Dubai, to breaking records in Germany for bringing on new lodging partners onto our platform.

Why are you so passionate about travel?


Having grown up in a small village in The Netherlands, I also wanted to go and explore the world. I had the opportunity to study in Australia – as well as my during my career I lived in places like South Africa, United Arab Emirates and various European countries. Whether seeing & exploring new places for short trips or more permanent stays for work – It’s always a experience that lasts!

What is your favorite piece of career advice?

Do what you love doing is easier said than done. Now getting there is all about MINDSET – Believe you can achieve it, and believe you can overcome that hurdle! YOU make it happen. Nobody else.

Tell us about your favorite vacation or a favorite weekend getaway?


Recently I had the opportunity to travel over 5000 kilometers across Germany, Netherlands and France. Visiting friends and family (social distanced of course) during these uncertain times has been precious!

However, allow me to share a few MUST VISIT destinations:

1) The Serengeti in Tanzania! Beautiful savana, nature and wildlife – Ps book your stay under the skies by staying in a tent!
2) Tangalle in Sri Lanka – This country has everything – But above all extraordinary nature, super friendly people and awesome beaches!

Tanzania Serengeti.jpg
Tanzania Serengeti

RECENT TRIP PRE COVID; Tangalle Sri Lanka.jpg
Tangalle Sri Lanka

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