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Leadership Lessons

We all learn from our experiences and those currently in leadership positions at Expedia Group and across our industry share candid advice and accounts and lessons that they have learned throughout their careers in our leadership video series.

Featured Video

A leadership conversation with PwC’s Partner, Blair Taylor and Expedia Group’s Vice Chairman & CEO, Peter Kern moderated by Expedia Group’s Senior Vice President, Melissa Maher.

Part One
Part Two

Voices of Industry Interviews

Listen to Expedia Group leaders share leadership lessons they have learned through their careers.

Ariane Gorin, President of Expedia Business Services

Sean Huberty, Senior Vice President Operational Excellence

Leadership modules

The two lessons below are from two of our leaders and their experiences with inclusion and diversity in the work place.

Paula de Keijzer, Senior Director Market Management

Paula takes us through her journey as a woman in leadership at Expedia Group in this two part series.

Michael Dykes, Senior Director Market Management

Michael delivers a two part series of his talk to Expedia Group employees as part of our leading for change speaker series.

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