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To Jump the Fence

Sarah Ray | Market Manager, Expedia Group in Queenstown

Feeling bored with the same old routine, unchallenged, unmotivated and tired of expectations being met but not exceeded, I knew I needed a change in career. Having worked in hotels for 15+ years it was all I knew. I had lived and breathed hotel life for my entire career, but at 31, there was still plenty of time for a change.

Photo from a General Managers dinner hosted by Expedia at The Rees Hotel and Apartments.

I live in Queenstown and as a Revenue Manager of a hotel chain, I had always had a strong relationship with my local Expedia Market Manager. The opportunity arose to ‘jump the fence’ and move into Online Travel Agency (OTA) life. Unsure at the time of what this really meant I accepted the challenge and jumped. Everything that I had begun to dislike about my old position was replaced with positive, fast-paced transparent global movements, that constantly strive for better.

I work in a remote office, and 1.5 years in, I can honestly say that the #expedialife is not for everyone. You need to be ready to take charge, keep up and adapt to the constant change. If you’re bored, like I was working for a company that was ok with average, then joining Expedia Group is just what you need. From the day to day that is never the same, partners that offer continuous diversity from personalities through to business challenges.

Colleges that seem to be constantly charged with this buzz for achievement, improvement, and sharing to create and mold one team that grows together.

A company who is so transparent that it makes you feel included and important in achieving the results and goals outlined. The direction of the company communicated in such a way that you know your place, what you can do and how we are going to get there.

And in the center of it all technology that is at the forefront, continuously being improved and developed to ensure internally and externally we are the leader in online travel technology.

So, I guess some would say now I am an Expedian. If that means someone who loves their job and loves who they work for, then I will hold my hand high and confirm. I love having the trust of an employer that lets me manage my market in my own way, who gives me the room to be myself – while providing me with the tools to be my best self. I am grateful every day for the new career – and I know I am only just starting.