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Expedia Group Global Offices Built for Flexibility

Imagine working in a building where King Kong tightly held his crush, Fay Wray, or gazing out your office window to see a long sandy beach with surfers conquering the curl of a wave. Picture having a business conference in a room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a majestic mountain and scenic bustling bay.

Expedia Group has such offices in 15 countries. Each office is designed for the location, culture and the travel industry. They aren’t the office spaces of your grandparents or parents, where everyone goes to a desk in an office or is assigned a cubicle. The Expedia offices are designed to be an enthusiastic participant in the heart of the city for which they are located. In many ways, the buildings and offices reflect the excitement and adventure of global travel.

“We pride ourselves in inspiring designs—we won’t provide cookie cutter experiences in cookie cutter offices,” said Josh Khanna, director of Expedia Group global real estate. “Most of our offices are in the heart of the city, near transit, restaurants and markets. They are vibrant parts of the city. A lot of planning and meeting with local project managers goes into each location.”

When you walk into an Expedia Group office, it’s likely you will see open, airy and colorful spaces with open desk arrangements that anyone can occupy. Employees often remark that Expedia Group offices have distinct personalities and are chock-full of the local culture.

“The best part of working in an Expedia office is that we have exceptional culture reflections at every level of the organization,” said Lavinia Rajaram, Expedia senior manager in Singapore. “Combine that with the general excitement of travel and the desire to create the best experience, and it’s a joy to come to work.”

To get a global sense of Expedia Group offices, here are 10 of the more interesting and unique locations.

The Americas:

New York office

New York: Whether it’s King Kong dangling Fay Wray on top of the Empire State Building, or Tom Hanks looking for Meg Ryan on its observation deck, Expedia Group’s New York office location is on the 72nd floor of the iconic Empire State Building. The 102-story Art Deco skyscraper is in Midtown Manhattan and Times Square, the country’s largest commercial, entertainment and media center. The walls are covered with the iconic subway lines of downtown Manhattan and everything that’s hip and exciting about New York City is at your fingertips.

Seattle: The winters in the Emerald City can be gray and dreary, but the Expedia Group office is showered in light from floor to ceiling windows, revealing 40 acres of Elliott Bay waterfront and amazingly beautiful views of Mount Rainier, the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Employees can walk, run or bike the trails on the property or sit on a bench to watch the state ferries crisscross across the Puget Sound. Incentives are offered to take public transit or shuttles. The indoor food market near the foyer offers local cuisine. Coffee, a must for Seattleites, is free and plenty in little coves throughout the building.  

Seattle campus

Sao Paulo: If ever there was a city filled with color, carnival and culture, it’s this Brazilian city, home to some 20 million people. The Expedia office is located in the heart of Itaim Bibi, surrounded by museums, botanical gardens, culinary delights and a plethora of cultures tied together for a love of strong coffee and soccer. From the 19th floor, employees are treated to a cityscape that balances the buildings of old Sao Paulo with modern architecture that reflects the vitality of a city steeped in history. They are also treated to expresso and snacks, including fresh bread made daily.


Sydney: Right in the middle of this Australian city sits the Expedia office, squarely on top of Sydney’s old post office. The conference rooms are bright and colorful and named after Australian locations. Employees say the office reflects the city and culture—relaxed, with airy open spaces, vibrant splashes of colors and an earthiness created by the materials used. A coffee bar and food station in the center of the office space is where employees gather after hours to unwind at the end of the day. Step outside and walk a couple of blocks to view the iconic bright white sails of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world.

Sydney office

Singapore: The open entrance to Expedia’s Singapore office in the South Beach Tower boasts views of the Singapore skyline, complete with the oddly-shaped designer building next door housing the JM Marriott hotel. The building has an environmental design and green technology, including solar photovoltaic cells, to create a distinctive, high-quality development that fits in well with Singapore’s tropical climate and urban context. The floor plan is wrapped in wood and features wallpaper of cities throughout the world. Employees are treated to snacks and beverages in the open café and ping pong when they want to take a break. A Chinese dragon hangs from the ceiling, leftover from the Chinese New Year. Nearby, the South Beach Avenue mall features a sweeping wooden canopy, open courtyards and lots of green spaces for people watching.

Singapore office

Bali: For those who remember the musical South Pacific, Bali Ha’i may call you to this special island where the Expedia office is a stone’s throw away from the most famous beach resort in the city of Seminyak. The first thing you’ll notice is the bright yellow building with posters of global locations in the window. The interior walls are donned with images of surfers, a wall decorated in flip flops and a wall decorated with local beer Bintan caps. A patio is located behind the office with lush greenery, sandwiched between open markets. It’s easy to see how the sky meets the sea in this tropical island.

Gurgaon: Like many Expedia offices around the world, the office in Gurgaon, India is filled with light from numerous windows, spilling into an open floor plan that embodies Expedia’s culture of openness and diversity, with a distinctive flavor of travel imagery through the offices. Images of flowers are everywhere, from floor tiles to wall hangings to vases filled with bright, colorful native flowers, part of the rich Indian culture. The amenities include numerous food and beverage offerings with six tea points where local teas can be sampled. Local Indian food is offered, along with healthy snacks throughout the office.

Gurgaon office


London office

London: Voted one of the best places to work in England, the Expedia office is located in the heart of London where no one drives a car to work, and the “tube” (subway) is two blocks away. The reception area is filled with photographs of smiling Expedians on vacation during holidays and on any given day, a ping pong game erupts in one of the many open spaces. All the conference rooms have different themes from various countries and every window has an up-close view of the city. But the most remarkable feature is the rooftop terrace where employees gather after work for BBQs, cocktails and stunning views as the sun sets. If you like tea, employees have special occasions when they serve teas from around the world.

Prague: Known as the city of a hundred spires, Prague is decorated with nearly a thousand towers and spires as part of its a rich architectural heritage—Baroque and Gothic cathedrals and medieval squares, mixed in with art nouveau buildings. The Expedia office is located in the middle of the city and has those magical views, along with open space in a building of glass offices. Light is everywhere. You’ll hear languages from many European countries in the office with 50 different nationalities represented. You’ll sense the variety of cultures reflected in the colorful walls and old wooden furniture—a mix of the old and the new, like the city. Employees have a pea patch behind the building where they can grow small amounts of vegetables and flowers.

Prague office

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