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Professional Development

Professional Development

This professional development module offers two courses for you to take part in – personal branding and reputation management, and career development. These courses are designed to help you understand your personality and style, enhance your personal brand, and prepare you for the next steps in your career.

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Career lessons with Blair Taylor interviewed by Amanda Maltos

Personal Brand

This module provides the tools to help you better understand your personal brand and how to further your career development.

Learning documents

Influencing in the Workplace

This five part series offers advice on how to best influence in the workplace – centered around communicating, personal brand, relationships, presentations and best practices.

Below are the links for the video series:

Online Reputation Management

Frederic Gonzalo of Gonzo Marketing shares his perspective on the importance and essentials of your online reputation and how to use LinkedIn to enhance your personal brand.

The Essentials of Online Reputation Management

Using LinkedIn To Your Enhance Your Personal Brand

Career Development

This module provides some great tips on how to manage your career along with advice from Expedians.

Learning documents

Navigating Your Career

The links below take you through a step-by-step process on how to set your career up for success.

Growth Mindset by Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd walks through the importance of growth mindset and the benefits. Watch the videos below to start your journey.

Advice from Expedians

Listen to a panel of Expedia Group leaders and what career advise they give to a group of Expedians that can be applicable to anyone and everyone.

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Professional Development

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