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Honorary Co-workers

We may not get to be around our fellow Expedians for the time being, but working from home means that some honorary co-workers are joining the Expedia Group ranks and they are more than eager to learn about the world of tech and travel.

While parents are unable to find childcare during these times, our employees’ adorable kids have sat in on a few meetings and provided their input on certain projects.

Veronique Dube: “Revenue management training this morning”
Laura Wilson: ” My co-worker – she has her ‘work computer’ too!”
Alan Diaz: “Greetings from Mexico, stay safe!”
Carine Laporte: “Hello from Paris, home office with a twist”

Our employees’ furry pals have also made appearances on virtual calls and kept us company at home.

“Hello! It’s Mabel, calling from Expedia”
Nolan Brokaw: “Bruce got all dressed up today for meetings”
Elizabeth Munoz: “My assistant today, Mia”
Cristy Denton: ‘Helping”
Shelly Ransom: “Conference call observer”

And last, but not least are some of the prettiest honorary co-workers around. Expedians have been taking care of these beautiful houseplants while working from home.

Svetlana Hirth: “WFH lets me repot my plant during lunch break.”

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