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Vrbo Early Talent 2019 Reflections

Summer is coming to an end and that means our interns are packing up their desks and returning to their universities around the U.S. Vrbo interns are sharing what they learned during their time with the team. Plus, some of the newest engineers give tips on how you can succeed in your first job out of college.

My favorite part of the summer is that I got to meet and work with the amazing Vrbo-ites from multi-functional teams. I scheduled more than 100 1:1s this summer with individual contributors/managers/directors, without getting a single “no” in the replies. Their insightful inputs helped me scope and prioritize my work. I ended up initializing an effort that could save the company $1.34M in GBV/year that I did not foresee myself working on when I started!
– You Fu, Product Management Intern
“My favorite thing about working for Vrbo has been joining a team of diverse and talented individuals who embrace each other’s differences and contributions. I have always wanted to be a part of the Austin Pride Parade, and getting to join Vrbo for that experience was amazing. I am happy to have had the opportunity to enrich my knowledge in software development while also getting to meet new friends and coworkers.”
– Dylan Ramage, Software Engineering Intern
“Interning with Vrbo this summer has been nothing short of amazing. Everyday I come into work, I am given the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I was so surprised by how insightful and intentional every employee here is, going above and beyond to help anyone. Just yesterday, a team member sat with me for three hours, teaching me a software that I had no prior experience using. The culture is unparalleled, and I am so grateful to be spending my summer here!”
-Merritt Peterson, Partner Success Operations Intern
“My favorite part about my internship was the feeling of being a part of a highly skilled family of recruiters.”
-Ethan Chase, Talent Acquisition Intern

Libby Smetak recently joined our software engineering team after graduating from Baylor University. Looking for a first job out of college can be overwhelming, but Libby was looking for specific company values and she found that at Vrbo.

“I chose Vrbo because of the environment in which employees can continuously learn and grow. I was impressed with Vrbo’s drive to stay competitive by utilizing new software technologies and training developers to use them properly. I was also excited by Vrbo’s passion for persistently improving the customer experience in a way that rings true to our mission – connecting travelers to the people and places they love.”
– Libby Smetak, Software Engineer

Tiffany Tsai was part of our summer 2018 internship class and has been working full-time as a software engineer for almost a year. Once you land your dream job, it’s important to continue setting goals!

“Set expectations for success and find mentors to help. It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of things and think everything is amazing, and without expectations, you’ll fail to realize when something is wrong or if something needs to be improved on and address it.”
– Tiffany Tsai, Software Engineer

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